Lauren Lacey

Writing Beautiful Love Stories That Last

Writing Beautiful Love Stories That Last

I’m a romance and children’s book author from Savannah, GA, but I currently reside in Atlanta, GA with my husband and three children. I earned her B.A. in English from Armstrong Atlanta State University and M.A. in English from Southern New Hampshire University. I began writing poetry early in my career but I mostly enjoy writing love stories that I can relate to as a woman, a wife, a Southern girl, a black woman, and a mom. My stories showcase the beauty of love and commitment and its ultimate triumph over tragedy and trauma. 

In 2023, I released my debut romance series, Love in Beverly Mills. My children were angry that I released ‘adult’ books instead of books for them to read so I also released my first illustrated lullaby that celebrates the bond between mothers and their young daughters of color through words of encouragement and beautifully illustrated representations of themselves. I have another children’s book dedicated to fathers and sons releasing soon.

When I’m not working full time or writing, I’m coaching my kids’ soccer teams, taking my daughters to dance class, or spending time with my husband. I enjoy being silly, traveling, watching movies and make wonderful memories with my family! 

I’m a romance author originally from Savannah, Georgia, now living in Atlanta with my husband and three children. With a B.A. in English from Armstrong Atlanta State University and an M.A. from Southern New Hampshire University, I transitioned from writing poetry to crafting love stories that mirror my Southern heritage as a Black woman, wife, and mother. My stories delve into themes of love and commitment, often against a backdrop of personal and societal challenges.

In 2023, I introduced readers to my small-town romance series “Love in Beverly Mills” and vacation romance novella series “Black Summer Island.” My works uniquely blend romance with women’s fiction, focusing on diverse characters, the impact of trauma, and the healing journey toward love. My writing style showcases my love for storytelling but also highlights my ability to touch on delicate subjects with empathy and realism.

Aside from writing, I am deeply committed to my family. I enjoy coaching my kids’ soccer teams, traveling, and watching movies at home on a Friday night. I credit my close-knit family and supportive readers for inspiring me to continue writing stories that resonate on a personal level. As an indie author, my narratives offer a sincere exploration of human emotions, underscoring the importance of love, resilience, and the beauty found in overcoming adversity.

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