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Writing Beautiful Love Stories That Last

Writing Beautiful Love Stories That Last

I’m a romance author originally from Savannah, Georgia, now living in Atlanta with my husband and three children. With a B.A. in English from Armstrong Atlanta State University and an M.A. from Southern New Hampshire University, I transitioned from writing poetry to crafting love stories that mirror my Southern heritage as a Black woman, wife, and mother. My stories delve into themes of love and commitment, often against a backdrop of personal and societal challenges. My writing style showcases my love for storytelling but also highlights my ability to touch on delicate subjects with empathy and realism.

Aside from writing, I’m deeply committed to my family. I enjoy coaching my kids’ soccer teams, traveling, and watching movies at home on a Friday night. I credit my close-knit family and supportive readers for inspiring me to continue writing stories that resonate on a personal level. My narratives offer a sincere exploration of human emotions, underscoring the importance of love, resilience, and the beauty found in overcoming adversity.

Latest Series

Black Summer Island

Black Summer Island

In “The Break She Needed,” we meet Evie, a woman on the brink, seeking refuge from a life that’s left her drained. The island, with its tranquil beaches and hidden coves, becomes the setting for her rejuvenation. Kobe, a local with a gentle spirit and understanding heart, becomes the unexpected companion who shows her the possibility of a life filled with love and happiness. Their story is a testament to the healing power of connection and the strength found in vulnerability.

“The Family She Found” shifts focus to Marlowe, a soul in search of belonging and a family she can call her own. Her journey leads her to Kai, whose own quest for connection mirrors her desires. Together, they discover that family isn’t always defined by blood but by the bonds forged through shared experiences and mutual support. As they build their chosen family on the island, they learn that home is where the heart finds peace. Through its captivating tales, the Black Summer Island series offers a reminder of the transformative power of love and the beauty of finding where you belong.

“The Forever She Deserves” concludes the series with the beautiful second chance love story between Vivian St. Claire and her first love Kade Kingston. Vivian and Kade’s past is dark, but their love for one another is beautifully bright. Vivian not only discovers love, but she rediscovers the passionate, fierce side of herself she thought was lost long ago.


Love in Beverly Mills

In “Love You, Always,” Parker Waylen and Jackson Sands navigate the challenges of rekindling a childhood love amidst personal growth and healing. Their story is a testament to the strength found in longstanding bonds and the courage required to embrace a second chance at love. The narrative beautifully captures the essence of coming home—not just to a place but to a person who embodies home, love, and the promise of a shared future.

“Love You, Finally” unravels the evolving relationship between Avery Waylen and Deacon Owens, transitioning from best friends to lovers. Their romance is a testament to facing and overcoming personal insecurities with the support of a loving partner. Avery’s journey of self-acceptance, aided by Deacon’s unwavering love, underscores the novel’s message that true love empowers and heals. Their story captures the essence of friendship as the foundation for a lasting romantic bond.

“Love You, Til the End” focuses on Izzy Waylen and Gabriel Hernandez’s struggle to save their marriage from the brink of collapse. This story examines the challenges of maintaining love amidst personal and collective adversities. It emphasizes the necessity of mutual effort, communication, and growth to sustain a relationship. Izzy and Gabriel’s story is a poignant reminder that while love is crucial, it must be nurtured with patience and perseverance to endure life’s trials.

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